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Publication policy
mechanism of sending researches :
A list of the names of the professors specialized in arts and fine arts for all Iraqi universities. Editing secretary chooses names of experts and the researches will be sent with the mail of the university.

mechanism of sending researches:

  • The research should be presented on a CD (Simpilified Arabic ).
  • The pictures and charts should be clear, numbered with details.
  • Arranging the margins according to the numbers and put at the end of the research.
  • The researches should have the standard prefaces used in humanitarian studies .
  • All researches prefaces are subjected to scientific evaluation.
  • The researcher should present a letter of guarantee confirming that he did not publish the research in any other journal.
  • The researcher present a CV about his carrier.
  • Translated researches are submitted with their original scripts.
  • Publication of researches undergoes artistic consideration. .

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